a tiny no-budget label since 2018.

field recordings, avant-pop, electronic, textures, sound experiments.

Alex Green - Curvature of the Earth

Back in 2018, field recordist Alex Green had the opportunity to spend the year travelling Asia, Europe, and the US. What he got from that trip was a life-changing feeling – this notion that despite the uniqueness of every place we inhabit on the globe, there are common threads woven throughout the lives we create there. This realization was the catalyst for his debut album "Curvature of the Earth", a spiritual and sometimes humorous journey drawing upon samples collected around the world.

e. m. king - why do you hate sleep?

What began as a series of forgotten songwriting experiments during a temporary residency in Japan ultimately developed into e. m. king's debut album "why do you hate sleep?" when he revisited the songs with fresh ears in 2020. Blending the occasional field recording and voicemail with lush, asymmetric synth and guitar arrangements and forward, intimate vocals, "why do you hate sleep?" is a deeply personal reflection on family and the people and choices that shape us.

Olivia Nowadays - How to Be Okay With the Everyday

When collaborators Kent Carson and Evan King began experimenting in 2016 with musique concrète recording techniques and pop songwriting in the radon-tainted basement of King's college housing, there was little expectation that they'd be releasing their debut album "How To Be Okay With The Everyday" as Olivia Nowadays some four years later. Olivia's sugary guitar and synth melodies coupled with frequent field recordings of friends and strangers imbue the album with a cozy, friendly charm characteristic of the duo's self-described "babywave" genre.